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Create Fascinating Videos with editlot video maker

A youtube channel is nothing without the videos uploaded. If there is no quality content, it is of no use and has no scope to grow. Many of you look for a video maker online, but you should know that an online video maker will not provide the level of professionalism you want.
Hence you want software that is a specialized Youtube video maker. Editlot is one of the most apposite video maker if you are new in the field and do not have much experience. The software is entirely free of cost and still works fanatically.
It is the Best video maker online on the web and provides numerous features. But the guidance provided along with the process is cardinal for those who just took off in the business. The video maker for youtube is not complicated to even the smallest extent.The quick video maker uses a drag-drop function and not those complicated procedures.

Simple Steps

The whole process has been broken down into steps, and on each level, you get professional guidance from the video maker itself.
The first step is to create a simple timeline; you can do this by clicking the plus icon. You can storyboard the video in the pre-loaded structures and make your videos presentable.
The second step is to import the media. Choose any file you want, be it photos, video clips, or anything else as Editlot supports an extensive file format. Once you are done with this, combine the pictures or videos to create one video.
The video maker from photos allows you to do that easily; the image to video maker online will now lead you to the third step.
This is to choose a layout for your video. Unfortunately, you do not have much choice in this section. You have to select one of the pre-existing designs from the video maker.
The next step is to spice things up with texts, voices, sound effects, and music. The photo video maker free download offers an enormous diversity among the sound effects, transitions, and music tracks so that you can have decent editing experience.
Lastly, you have to save and share the video file. You can save the video in an mp4 format and can share it on multiple platforms.

Customize with editlot video maker

One of the fantastic things about this video maker is that it does offer numerous customizations, which is contrary to the usual video maker music software. There are many customization options; some of them are mentioned below.
First is the typography, you can type anything, anywhere on the video, but that is ordinary. What’s extraordinary is that you can choose many text colors and a massive amount of fonts available in the video maker.
Second, is the iconic imagery. You can choose thousands of photos from the web, your collection, from Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Lightroom, Dropbox, and Google photos. The possibilities and options are almost infinite.
The third is one of the best, the professional themes for your videos. It is fundamental, choose a layout, select the text and photos and start customizing with all those effects!

Create Video from Photos

If you have an informative or innovative kind of channel, and you are among those who do a voiceover on pictures to convey their message, this video maker is a must-have. It is straightforward in this photo video editor online free to combine images and choose cool transitions.
The video maker with music allows you to add music as a background to your voice so that it does feel trite. The video maker slideshow simplifies things and makes them accessible.

Upgrade the Software

Once you have mastered the Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects have had sufficient practice on it, it is time to level up the game.
Now you have to move to Editlot. These are more advanced and offer a great deal.
They are often used by those prominent high-end YouTubers that have followers in millions. Both of these can create stunning videos and blow your mind.
They offer many things, such as presets for different scenarios, video effects relating to situations, hundreds of transitions. It does not stop here; you can adjust color saturation, edit the voices, make them sound dense or more intriguing.
If we follow on, there is still a lot more; you can add texts and customize it to a highly-appreciable level. Face tracking feature allows you to change the face of a person, especially if you make roasting or comedy videos.
If you want to stream your gameplay, either live or recorded, these are the best choices as they can support those massive files. With that being said, let us tell you that the supported file formats are even higher in number than in Editlot.
If we run a comparison among these 2, then we can say that you should first move to EditLot. This is because EditLot is even more advanced and tougher to edit in as compared to Premiere Pro.

In a Nutshell

In a nutshell, we can state that EditLot is one of the most amazing free software you can find on the web. Along with being free, it offers decent amounts of customizations and editing. If you are new in editing and do not have adequate experience, you should download it right away.
We can not say that the editing level is amateur as it to be accepted that although it is simple, the editing level is excellent.
If you want to upgrade or have the required experience, then you should undoubtedly move to the other two. But, the most significant drawback is that they do not come free of cost. You would have to sign-up for an annual plan and pay the fee annually.But, if we compare the cost to the level of work offered, it does not matter.

Now get ready to start ?