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Create Stunning Intros with The EditLot Intro Maker

We all know how much effort you have been putting in your videos. It is not easy to do all the hard work and still get ignored by youtube. Well, you got to up the game, and you have to do this by adding intros to your videos.
It can be tough to choose one intro maker for youtube from the dozens present on the web. But we have already researched for you to save your time and make the process quicker for you.
The EditLot is an intro maker online free software that helps you create fascinating intros for your videos. The intro maker youtube online is a fantastic way to spice up your videos.
These first few seconds gain the attention of the audience and develop their interest in the video. Hence, increasing your audience retention and generating higher watch time as well as improved SEO rankings.

Free of Cost

One of the best features of the Intro maker for youtube free is that it does not cost even a penny. Despite being completely free, the intro maker still gives you an excellent editing experience and helps create stunning intros.
The Youtube intro maker guides you on how to create the videos and the optimum length of the intro, which is said to be 15 seconds. One of the stunning perks of EditLot is that it is a panzoid intro maker as well.

Simplified Steps

The intro maker allows you to create intros on your own and guides you throughout the process. The video intro maker makes sure that whether a newbie or a pro in the field, you are not left on your own.
Even though the software is not very complicated, the guidelines simplify it even further.
Firstly, you need to create a new project by clicking the plus sign. Clicking it would open the first timeline. Unlike other Adobe software, this one does not have over-complicated timelines.
Regardless, you can use the EditLot pre-loaded story structures, or you can make your story structure. Which will again be under guidance, but we are not going to go into that.
Secondly, the online youtube intro maker free will now prompt you to add your media. You can choose from images, videos, texts, icons, and logos. If not from your collection, you can choose from a range of free photos, video clips, and much more from the EditLot library.
You can make numerous slides in the timeline, and each slide can be up to 30 seconds long. But it is recommended that you do not create very long videos, boring the audience and keeping them away from the original content.
Thirdly, You can present the media in various forms. You can choose from pre-designed layouts. Although, you have a minimal choice as the pre-designed layouts in the intro maker are not very extensive, they are still dashing enough to do you some good.
The next step is to use keywords in text to communicate with your audience. The idea is to let the audience know about you and your channel.
If you think that words can not define you or your work, then you can also go for the alternative approach. Which is to record your voice and say whatever you want in those seconds and engage the audience in a very proper way.
Next, you got to spice things up with the sounds. Any words or audio will be trite if there are no music or sound effects added. Along with choosing the music and sound effects, you can select a theme for your video as well.
You can upload songs according to your preference or, you can choose free tracks from the intro maker music section called EditLot Video.
Lastly, you have to save and share the video. You can save it as an mp4 file in your device. If you want to share it, you can do so directly to YouTube, social media, or any other platform and even email the link to anyone.

Ease of Use

As you may have guessed till now, this intro maker is straightforward to use and extremely simplified. Unlike many other editing software, things are simple in this software, and for those who have just stepped in the field, this is undoubtedly the best choice for them.
One of the best perks is that this intro maker free no watermark. Meaning, as much free software leaves a watermark and then pushes you to buy a supposedly pro version to get a watermark-free result.
Well, lucky for you, this is not the case with EditLot, as even though it is free, it still does not leave watermarks.
However, if you are someone who has some prior experience in editing and creating videos and wants something advanced, then you need to have software like Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro.
These are advanced software which offers numerous editing and customization options at a significant level. The processes are complicated, and you need to have some excellent editing skills to flourish within this software.

In a Nutshell

In a nutshell, we can say that you would not be able to find a free intro maker better than this one on the web. It is free, very efficient, and professional.
The process is easy, and the video-making experience is enjoyable. There are numerous possible customizations. Due to the enormous variety of choices in all of the steps, it is almost impossible that your video turns out to be similar to someone else’s.
What this notion is that the content created is unique, and the methods used are flawless. The video length is limited to a maximum of 30 seconds so that you do not get carried away and make an intro video that lasts for minutes and spoils everything.
There are barely any copyright problems, and you can share the final video on multiple platforms, be it youtube, social media, or any other platform.
EditLot plays an integral part in the growth of your youtube channel by engaging your audience in the first seconds of the video. The guidance provided is essential, and mentors you throughout your journey of creating your intro video.

Now get ready to start ?